Cookie Policy

Cookies are text files which contain information. They are downloaded in the user browser when a website is visited and they allow store, recover and update information. Cookies are useful for the person responsible of the website to know users preferences when they surf the web, but also for users to have the services customized by their preferences and to adapt the information to be showed in their device and have the best display.

Cookies are classified according to the entity who manage it, in we use own and third party cookies. With this information we can analyze the use and measurement of our website to ensure that it works correctly and improve our services. Following the cookies we use are detailed:

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz (Google Analytics)
We use Google Analytics to do statistic analysis about the use of the page, navigation path and interactions. This information allow us to understand better the behaviour and needs of users. These cookies are served by Google Analytics to collect information about the user navigation in our website. Cookies _ga and _gat are served by to collect information about the instagram widget in the home page. Users can block the cookies in their browser or use the Google extension to deactivate the Google Analytics service in their visits.

This cookie is established by qTranslate, a WordPress plugin which allows multilingual support in the website. This cookie tests if the cookies are enabled to store the language preferences.

NID (Google Maps)
These cookies are served by Google when it loads a map using Google Maps, Google uses cookies to different finalities in this list you can read which kind of cookies Google uses.

Disable or eliminate cookies

User can change the configuration about the cookies use wherever he wants, as the law says; allowing, deactivating or blocking cookies. To do this user has to modify the configuration in the browser options; following are the links which allows the modification in main browsers:


All information is collect and used anonymously. If cookies are not accepted it is possible that the website doesn’t work correctly.

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