About us

The name of our brand, Guineu, means fox in Catalan. This small mammal, common in our lands, has to be cunning to survive.

The beer

At Cervesa Guineu we understand beer as a product made with passion, which needs to be looked after from beginning to end. Our main premise is having absolute respect for our ingredients and natural brewing process. Craft beer means to explore, to surprise the palate with new and different nuances.

The brewery

Located in an early 20th century building, in the textile colony of Valls de Torroella in the Barcelona province. Our brewery stands by the Cardener river. At present, our premises have a total area of 750m2, where the whole process of creation of our beers takes place. It all begins with an initial idea, followed by the design and creation of each recipe, until we actually brew it and finally package it. All this to offer you the finest possible product.

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